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Learning sight words with games and downloadable sight words!

Sight Words + Whole Language

While I firmly believe sight words are not the entirety of how to teach a child to read, it’s definitely a big part of it.

Whole language, simply put, means teaching sight words and giving children choice in their reading.

They also need phonics (the sounding out of words and letter blends), but whole language will help build their confidence.

The Flashcards Printable (91 sight words to last all year!)

Head over to the “Shop” tab above, and download your file or click below!

Each card is about the size of a post card, and I suggest only printing a few off at a time.

I also love the idea of laminating them to extend the life of your purchase.

Here’s a good laminator option if you don’t have one at home.

It’s one of the best investments for homeschool for this very reason.

I like this thermal paper as others tend to curl up at the ends.

Sight Words Games to Play


  • Print copies of words your child is struggling to memorize. Create your board with sidewalk chalk, on a chalkboard, or with painter’s tape on the floor. You can also have your child trace over the word with his/her finger to help.

Target Practice

  • Print a few words your child is working on, and draw out or tape out a target somewhere safe. Let them shoot at the target with a Nerf gun or even water balloons!


  • Print the words your child is working on, and lay them inside a drawn hopscotch board or a mat like this one. Roll a rock. Wherever the rock lands, they have to pick up the sight word and say it before finishing the board.


  • Hold the card up in front of you where you can’t see but the child can. Have him/her act out or draw what’s on the card for you to guess. If you want to add a challenge, put a two minute timer on and add up the points you get with each card you’re able to guess. These mini-white boards can be helpful with this game as well as many other times as you school.


  • Print doubles of the words your child is working toward mastering. Flip them over and play a game of memory with them. Make sure anyone playing says the words aloud when flipping them over.

Slap the Fly

  • Get a new flyswatter. This one that looks like a hand is super fun and comes in different colors! You can use this flyswatter game for lots of things, so they’ll come in “handy!”

Tape the sight words your child is working on in a location where he/she will have room to slap with the flyswatter.

Want to work in a pair of dice and have your child do addition to make it cross-curricular? Or one single die to work on counting the dots?

They can get as many points as the die shows for getting the word right. If they’re a little competitive like my boys, they’ll also enjoy if you hang a few up a little higher so they have to jump to swat the “flies!”

Giant Floor Game

  • Print and laminate as many sight words as you’d like. Lay them out in an open space in swirls, with toys they have to jump over, towels pretending to be lava or instruments they have to play in addition to it.

Be as creative as you can be while co-creating the game board with your child to add to the fun of playing it.

Then, roll the dice. These giant foam dice are super fun for this game and many others! Each space you land on, do that activity or say the sight word. The sillier the better!

Red Light/ Green Light

  • Play your normal game of red light/green light, but when they hit a red light, they read the sight word at each “stop.”

Sight Word, Sight Word, GOOSE!

  • If you have multiple children to play, this is a fun game. Each child holds a sight word on top of his/her head. The one who goes around tapping the words when he/she reads them. He/she shouts, “GOOSE!” when he’s ready to choose the child who’ll run toward grabbing his seat before getting tagged.


Each time we add fun and movement to school, our children win.

As you see, it doesn’t even have to be expensive or complicated to add in a little adventure and laughter into your school day.

Enjoy making those memories!

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