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A Skeptic

When I came across a crazy-simple recipe with Rosemary oil to help get rid of gray hair, I scoffed.

Yeah, right.

That’s impossible.


I mean, who ISN’T trying that with a full bottle of Rosemary in the next room?!

So Simple

Add 10-15 drops of YL Rosemary oil to your favorite shampoo (KidScents is my favorite!), and wash as normal.

The Results are In

After three weeks of washing my hair with my Rosemary-infused KidScents shampoo and conditioning with the Lavender Mint Conditioner,  I decided to go on a gray hunt.

I’ve seen children stop coughing, rashes disappear, pain subside, and many other amazing things with these oils in the last three years, but what I found in the mirror absolutely shocked me! I called to my husband.

“Steve, where are they? Am I losing my mind?”

He said he saw a couple.


“I know, I know. A couple, but I had SO MANY just a few weeks ago!”

Final Thoughts

Do I think it’s a cure-all for gray hair?

Maybe not…

But I’m not exactly turning my nose up at having less than I had before. Would you?!?

I originally added Rosemary to my wellness routine over a year ago. I was hoping to help fight off some serious sinus issues (Rosemary, Tea Tree, and I WON by the way), but I hadn’t exactly been pulling it off the shelf much since.

You’d better believe I’m never letting this house run out of Rosemary oil again!

I wonder if Steve (a future silver fox) will let me add it to his shampoo next?

Come on! Be my guinea pig! For better or worse! 😂

Ready for True Wellness?

Friends, if you haven’t started this path to true wellness, you should know a few major reasons why we chose it:

1.) The concentrated products dilute to be less expensive than in store.

2.) It’s much safer than in-store (I am yet to find a non-greenwashed, store-bought “toxin free” anything).

3.) These plant-powered products work so much better than anything I’ve ever bought in the store (hashtag science).

4.) It saves us tons of money every year on prescriptions and over-the-counters we don’t need anymore.

5.) The Rewards program gives us $25 back on every $100 we buy. I can’t get that in the store, either!

Learn more here!

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